How to Choose a Hairstyle that Accentuates Your Looks

A haircut certainly makes a difference on us, after all who wants to work around town with a massive head of overgrown and overflowing hair. A great hairstyle can emphasize your outfit, pull your look together, and speak volumes about your style. Today, there are millions of cuts, hair trends, and hair textures which beg the question, how do you pick the right hairstyle that will enhance your looks?

When identifying a hairstyle, there are two important things you must first deal with and analyze; your hair texture and face shape.

Your Face Shape

The shape of your face can influence the choice of hairstyle.

Oval faces work best with classic short cuts which are slightly longer on top and shorter on the sides. Depending on your preference, you may also want to include a side swept part. One of the things you must avoid is wearing your hair down to your forehead because this will make your head round. Creating volumes on top and angles can help sharpen your face.

You can easily create the illusion of angles and heights with a round face shape. The trick is to keep your hair longer on top and short on the sides. You can also try out a messy V-cut on top as this has been proven to do wonders. If you decide to go for long hair, ensure you keep it layered and in a side part so as to contrast the roundness of your face.

If you have a square face, you are among the few blessed ones. This is because with this face shape, you can play around with any haircut. Whether you go for a slicked back hairstyle, a classic undercut, a buzz cut, or a messy disheveled look, you will still be good. Deep side parts and bangs can look extremely great and fabulous on a square face.

Diamond or triangle face shapes work well with more volume on top and shorter on the side haircuts. Other hairstyles you can go for with this face shape include bangs, buzz cuts, deep side parts, and side swept hairstyles.

Hair Texture

In addition to the face shape, the texture of your hair is also a critical determinant in your choice of hairstyle.

Wavy hair has more movement and volume which make it great with most haircuts. You also have the liberty and space to wear it long which also looks amazing.

Straight hair can look spiky if it is thick and hence try to avoid wearing it slicked back unless you have styled and tamed it perfectly well. The general advice for this hair texture is to soften it with a lot of conditioner so that it can become easier to play with.

If you have a receding hairline, it is possible to cheat the balding by letting your hair longer and styling it in a manner as to create an illusion of more hair. You can also bravely wear it slicked back.

At the end of it all, the choice of hairstyle is all about doing what you love and swag!