Top 4 Men Haircuts that Are Here to Stay!

It is a fact that trends rise and wane. Sustaining a trend becomes a challenge because new things keep on being churned out and tastes also vary with time. Haircuts are no exceptions. For instance, bowl cut, ponytail, and mullet were once famous, but with time, they faded into oblivion. Below are 4 cool hairstyles that have survived the test of time and still standout today among the top men haircuts.

Buzz Cut

This is a low maintenance haircut that will require you to visit your barber for tidy ups every three to four weeks. Military revivals in film and fashion have been credited with the popularization of the buzz cut. This hairstyle can be done comfortably with electric clippers and to make it even more interesting, ask for a fade on the sides and back instead of just doing one grade all over.

There isn’t much styling required, but if your scalp is dry, using hair oil or a moisturizer can help condition it. Also, using matt clay can enable you take away the fluffiness. Buzz cut is excellent if you have thinning hair.

Side Sweep

According to history, the side sweep is a look that came into being in the 1950s. During this time, being smart and presentable was the trend and the side sweep was seen to be more of a rebellious style. The advantage with a side sweep is that it is a low maintenance haircut style and there isn’t much post-production that goes into it.

This is a complete scissored haircut with lots of choppiness and texture. It is not very short on the sides and back, but rests well just above the ears. As a free and loose haircut, the side sweep is for men who are intentionally looking for a style requiring low maintenance. This style fits well if your hair is curly, wavy, or thicker.

The Long Cut

If you want to make the most out of your full head of thick hair, the long cut is a low maintenance style you can try out. Because it grows out nicely, you don’t require regular barber services. It is soft and textured and heavy on top. For you to get the best results, make it slightly shorter on the crown while keeping it longer on the front. This helps avoid the unwanted bump when you sweep it back.

The Crop

This haircut is for anyone having fine hair and wants to create some level of thickness or short and thick hair wanting to remove weight. The crop is an easy to style, pretty much versatile, and a low maintenance haircut.

Lots of public figures from Hollywood stars to business moguls have sported this cut. It is also a good fit for both older men and young boys with various face shapes. The best way to style the crop is by adding line effects and you can easily do this by working a paste into your wet hair and thereafter, drying it back with a wide-toothed comb.