The Best Short Hairstyles for Men in 2016

Short hair has become a fashion trend not only for women, but also men. One of the reasons pushing this trend forward is the fact that short hair is easy to maintain and it can easily transform your looks. Below are some of the top short hairstyles you can try out this year.

Angular Fringe

Back in 2014, angular fringe was classified among the emerging hairstyle trends in male fashion models. Two years on, this style is still widely popular and is likely to continue that way into 2017 and beyond. You can achieve this look with tapered sides and keeping the top layer long and cut at an angle. Irrespective of your face shape, this hairstyle looks great and if you have a round face, it is even better.

Caesar Haircut

This short haircut is popular for a number of reasons. Because of its short length, this hairstyle is much easier to maintain and simpler to spike. If you want to achieve the spiked look, all you need to do is to apply styling gel or a dab of cream. The spiked look can stay in place for the entire day with no maintenance or little if any.

Simple Casual

This classic short hairstyle resembles the slicked back look. To get this, use styling cream or a little hair gel and do a quick brush through. By keeping the hair shorter on the sides and longer on top, maintenance becomes easier and your look lasts.

Brushed Up

The brushed hairstyle is a little bit longer, but the hair on the sides and at the back are much shorter compared to what is on top. The beauty with this hairstyle is that it is versatile and it can be easily adapted even by men having or planning to have short hair. Styling is easier and quick with gel or pomade. Regardless of the occasion, this hairstyle is an easy-fit.

Short Back and Sides

This style consists of a long layer on top coupled with short back and sides. One characteristic of this style is that it sweeps over the head and then gradually tapers to end in a tip at the front. If you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your short hairstyle, this is an ideal choice.

The Side Part

This trend can work well for all men; however, for men with hair that is long enough and which can be swept over, it can help achieve a perfect look. If you are in a hurry, and you don’t have all the time and effort to make your hair look great, the side part can save your day because it is quick and stylish. You can either part on the left or right depending on what works best for you.

Simple Short

This is a short hairstyle that helps you to keep the hair on the top a little longer while the back and sides remain short. The good thing with this hairstyle is that it gives you some space and freedom to change your look from time to time.

There you go! Those are the short hair trends that are currently setting 2016 ablaze.